Sunday, 13 August 2017

This Burning Man, and the 'Future Arizona' series

Hello again, this is just a quick post to let you know that as of today, 'This Burning Man' has now become exclusively available on Kindle e-book. You can still read the unedited first 20% of the book at the dedicated blogspot website, and when you reach the end of Chapter 8, you'll be directed to a page with Amazon links where you can buy the rest from your local Amazon site.

The finished text came out at a shade over 72,000 words, which was much larger than it felt when I was writing it, and is technically the length of a standard novel. As it's previously been readable for free on Blogspot, I'm only charging 99p/$1.29 for the edited version, and frankly, it's a bargain at the price.  Please tell your sci-fi loving friends, and remember that honest Amazon reviews are always welcome.

What now? Well, it's been such fun to write these characters that I could hardly leave things where they were, and I'm starting to plan a second 'Future Arizona' novel set in the same world, which as previously mentioned, is provisionally titled 'The Fox and the Mox'.  I don't want to give away too much of the storyline, but in book #2 we'll start out following Jayci as she leaves Hole Town and journeys through the Sands in search of other survivors of the perihelion.  On her travels she'll encounter a young woman with a curious affinity for wild animals who is a member of a fire-obsessed religious cult whose leaders are the victims of an ancient curse...

Please note that unlike TBM, TF&TM will not be being serialised online, though I may offer up the odd chapter to people to pique interest during the process.

As it stands, I'd hope to be able to offer TF&TM to readers during 2018, so please keep an eye out for announcements.