Thursday, 23 September 2010


It's been a while! I'd love to pretend that there's lots going on, but truthfully, I just have a bit more money in my pocket and a new project, so this blog has fallen by the wayside a bit.

I hope those of you who have been reading this will indulge me - the sports have already moved off and I'm now moving politics to a new professional blog under a pseudonym - essentially, despite what the quality here might suggest, writing a blog does take time and it would be nice if, to a greater or lesser degree, the time I spend writing could be made to pay for itself.

If anyone has been waiting for comments, updates, etc. I do apologise. This is not the end - while the sky is blue, birds fly and fish swim, there will still be things that amuse me or just downright piss me off, and I will be returning when they do!