About Me

Hello, and welcome.  I'm a writer of short stories, political commentary and media articles of local interest.  In October 2014, my short story, 'Crowning Glory', was the winner of the International Writing Award at the SMHAFF festival.  (If you're interested, the story can be viewed here.) 

I was recently shortlisted for the 2016 Escalator Fiction prize, which is a major regional prize aimed at identifying writers from East Anglia with potential to further develop their career.  I have recently edited and contributed to the forthcoming 'Shadows at the Door' anthology, which was released in Autumn 2016.

In April 2016, I completed my first novel, 'What Comes From the Earth', a political thriller set in contemporary South Africa.

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In addition to my novel, I run two successful serials - the first, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western set in Future Arizona, and the second, a rural fantasy set in Canada and co-written with the magnificient Caitlin Marceau!

Serial #1 : This Burning Man

Serial#2 : The Caribou Chronicles

I'm currently based in Norwich, England's only City of Literature.


  1. I like the sense of healthy boasting that comes with the "ONLY" in the "UK's only City of Literature". I guess there's a lot to learn from you. :) Keep writing. :)

    1. I already failed you, I'm afraid, because it turns out UNESCO went and gave the distinction to Edinburgh too! Time for a quick Blogger update...

      I honestly can't emphasise enough how awesome I think the City of Literature status is. We live in financially-obsessed times, and while London is dripping with wealth, smaller cities like Norwich should be proud of the contribution that we make to the UK in cultural terms. I like the idea of people looking back in a hundred years time, seeing what a vibrant, energetic place we live in now, and how we're having conversations and creating in ways that will shape the future they live in. It gives us a chance to leave a powerful and enduring legacy, and we should exploit that opportunity in any way we can.