Saturday, 27 June 2015


Hello there, just a quick update today as I'm making progress on the book, and am keen to take advantage of the opportunity. I am now nearly halfway through the final draft, and when I'm back from Japan, I'll be looking into cover art and getting everything finalised for release! Exciting times :)

One of the other major considerations I've had for a while has been getting a mailing list set up (and if you're not already signed up, all you need is an email address!) Now this is arranged, I have a way to communicate directly with my readers, and they can help shape what I produce in future.

One of the ways I'm hoping to encourage email sign-ups is with a certain amount of unique content that won't be available on the web. The idea that I have is for something I'm calling 'Vignettes' - unedited short scenes, 750 - 1000 words in length, that will vary stylistically but will hopefully capture a little bit of what my writing is about. I'm going to aim for one of these a month, as it should be possible to do this without severely impacting on my writing schedule. I can make them seasonal, or link them to things happening in the world, and hopefully provide something beautiful and entertaining that people will be able to read and enjoy quickly.

So sign up! Tell your friends! And look out for 'Vignettes', the first of which will be coming soon! :)

Friday, 12 June 2015

The Caladria Story Competition!

I'm pleased to announce that I've come second in Caladria's recent short story competition!  I'd like to thank everyone from Caladria, and offer my congratulations to the winner, Grace Haddon.

The Caladria short story (entitled 'The Heat at the Heart') will be published in a future copy of the Caladria 'zine, 'Fab Fables', and I'll release more information about this when it is available for purchase. 

This achievement builds on my competition win from last year, and it makes me all the more excited for the anthology projects I have in the pipeline.

On the subject of anthologies, 'The Z Chronicles', the horror anthology that I feature in alongside Hugh Howey (multi-million selling author of 'Wool') and Jen Foehner-Wells ('Fluency'), is now available for pre-purchase on Amazon.  Goodreads previews have been glowing, and reviewers have suggested that this could be the best of the Future Chronicles series so far.  What are you waiting for? :)

Monday, 8 June 2015

The Munificent Lmao

When I was a younger man, I took a trip, you see
I crossed the ocean, walked for weeks through a desolate valley.

I was in search of something fine, a way to live, a how
Everyone had pointed me to the Munificent Lmao!

Ruler of a distant land, more power than a king,
And yet, revered for gentleness, and knowing many things.

Industrious, her country was, her people were all wealthy
Their skins were bright, their minds afire, their appetites were healthy.

Yet even then, with all their help, I was still prone to bungle
In searching for her palace, I got lost within the jungle.

I fought typhoops and mabeljacks and swarms of killer bees
Until I found her palace, lying low beneath the trees.

Crowds of people waited there, curiosity a feature
The Lmao rode out to meet me, astride a fearsome creature!

Her malefelant stood ten feet tall with skin that was jet black
Fifteen eyes and thirty tusks, yet she rode upon its back.

Regarding me with caution, she called out, 'Ho there, stranger!'
And yet she was amused by me, and could see I was no danger.

The Lmao stepped down with sparkling eyes, and though she wasn't tall‌,
She moved with the grace of fifty cats, and in no time at all

She stood beside me, looked me over, judged me to be bleary
'Fetch water, food and strongest ale – this traveller is weary!'

In time when I had rested, I had chance to look upon her
She could have been of any age; it was for me to ponder.

Her cloak comprised of golden cloth, her buttons tiny rubies
Her smile was wide enough for three; she gestured over to me.

'Come and sit with me,' she said, 'and share the shade awhile.'
'Grateful, ma'am, I am,' I said, 'for I have walked these many miles

'Specifically to speak to you, if you will give me license
 For of all the folk in all the world, they say you are the wisest!'

She rubbed her chin with calloused hand and squinted at the sun.
'There are many folk with wisdom, and I am only one.'

'Still, travelling is no mean feat and takes courage to do
 Since you have made the effort, I will share my thoughts with you.

'You should talk and listen, be yourself, laugh and sing and dance
 Clean your teeth and comb your hair and change your underpants.

'Get lots of sleep. Read a book - this will expand your mind
 And above all other advice I give, remember this - be kind.

'For while we travel in this life in ones, or sometimes, twos
 I cannot hope to know your fight, or walk within your shoes.

'So look within, and look without, and watch the skies above
 Take every opportunity to be with those you love.'

Her sermon done, the Lmao did stand and stretch herself awhile
I knew my trip of many weeks had been at last worthwhile.

She walked back to her malefelant and bid me a good day
So choked I was with her advice, I knew not what to say.

For surely there are many things that I have learned, and how -
Yet no-one else has wisdom like the Munificent Lmao!