Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nanowrimo...are go!

Apologies to my regular readers who haven't seen me post for a few weeks - I'm afraid my writing muscles have been well and truly stretched with this November's National Novel Writing Month project, but I'm happy to confirm that there are now 37,000 of the required 50,000 words in place, and I expect to finish with a day or two to spare.

Of course, being a rushed first draft, the book will need a lengthy rewrite, but much of the material will be of a decent standard so I'm hopeful that once I have a confirmed structure for the finished work in my mind and have tidied up the core areas, it should just be a case of spit and polish in the slightly more woolly parts. I expect that I'll have something of a publishable standard by Summer 2012.

I'm considering several different options for what to do next - purely for vanity reasons, I really want a proof copy of my work, and then I can send other copies to suitable publishers (it's a sci-fi one again). In the knowledge that new, high-quality novelists are a rare and distinguished breed, I'll also be looking into publishing as a Kindle e-Book, or failing all else, just posting the whole damn thing online for free for anyone who wants to read it :)

One way or another, this story is going to be told!

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