Thursday, 20 January 2011


In times of international trouble and strife, it is vital for morale that local customs are observed and celebrations go ahead in a timely fashion. It is therefore my great pleasure to remind you all that Saturday 22 January 2011 is the date of Piemageddon 2011!

For the uninitiated, Piemageddon is a celebration of all things to do with pie!

On 23rd January every year, America celebrates National Pie Day. Here in the UK there is a proud history of pie but there was no formal way to celebrate until eight years ago, a group of portly visionaries from Nottingham University decided to honour this special occasion in their own way. And thus, Piemageddon was born.

Everyone can celebrate Piemageddon and it's easy to hold your own pie party. According to custom:

1) Everyone should bring a pie to a Piemageddon party!
2) The pie should ideally be homemade, though first time Piemaggedon initiates (and lazy people) are allowed to buy them.
3) Quiche and Flans are not pies and are not accepted.
4) Alcohol is the friend of pie and should be encouraged in social moderation :)

Some parties award prizes for best pie and most novel interpretation of pie! Music should be pie-themed where possible!

Send me details of your own pie party!


  1. And my lemon meringue pie is definitely going to win this year. (The mighty mighty Phil Clarkson)

  2. I won't be at the St Albans bash this year - but I'm spreading the word! I'm going to a pie bash in Attleborough and I know of at least one other in Chedgrave!

  3. We had Pie in Cantley and we made others have pie in Cambridge!