Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Forget It, We're FIFA

In honour of FIFA's stance on recent refereeing decisions during the world cup, I have written them a new, unofficial world cup song, which I'd encourage you all to sing (to the tune of Bobby McFerrin's classic 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'.)

Forget It, We're FIFA

If your shot goes over the line
We'll get to it in our own sweet time
Don't push us, we're FIFA

It seems like the ref just didn't see
Cry goes out for technology
Forget it, we're FIFA

If the assistant flags you offside
Doesn't matter, we'll let it slide
Make decisions? We're FIFA

Doo, doo doo doo do do do do do do do di dooo (Hey Seppy)
Doo do do do do di do (stay merry)
Doo di do di do
Forget it, we're FIFA

The players may not like the ball
But the sponsors' money will make the call
Muhahahahahahahahahaha (now pay FIFA)

Surely it's the game that matters?
Just try asking Joseph Blatter
All bow down, to FIFA

It might be all politics and intrigue
But at least we're less dodgy than the Premier League
Lord love us, we're FIFA

(c) K Holt 2010.

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